interview with the local tv station

“Akhil Nair and Danny Shah believe local businesses are the backbone of the American economy. We are here to help grow SMEs through high quality professional advisory services". Watch this interview to find out what Parzenn Partners is all about and the range of customized business strategies they offer to grow your (small) business.”

First Aired September 12, 2018

Featured in the babson college blogs

“The difference between Parzenn and other firms is the nature of the relationship; Parzenn wants to be a partner for the client rather than a vendor.”

First Posted June 13, 2018


Featured in local newspaper - Wellesley Townsman

CrepeBerry Owner Amelia Childs is growing her passion project of Reiki-infused vegan beauty products with the help of Babson College students.


First Published March 01, 2018